21 November, 2007

That '70s Show

"Work is for poor people. I am a rich person with no money."

14 November, 2007

"It's an overwhelming addiction, our systemic quest for 'more'; be it more ice cream, more alcohol, more drugs, more technology, more information, more knowledge, more megapxiels, more freedom, more war, more religion, more money, more whatever. It's all the same thing, it's ALL rooted in the external, as if our salvation lies there."
- Carl Donohue, www.skolaiimages.com

The above was an excerpt from one of his posts at this discussion:

08 November, 2007

The Rule of Thirds

As told by a friend of mine, the rule of thirds can be carried over from the visual arts to the real world and yield a more productive and pleasing life. Spend one-third of your day working, one-third playing and the final third sleeping. A simple way to a better life!