03 November, 2008


One upon a timing, in a land not very far far away, live dhingu. dhingu was be unasuming and had small mouth too and big ear also, but possessessed untold power. one morning, dhingu go to school, and in the play ground big smely rufian steel his name and run. dhingu sad, dhingu cry, dhingu go to class and slap teacher. teacher shout 'DHAVAL!'. and dhingu get new name DHAVAL. just look at pichar of dhingu, it are mesmerizing na?

dhaval do many powerfull activity. he wash face, tie shoe lace, vanquish legions of beast. and did we mention wash face? dhaval aura have strange sound like nuclear reactor core. it haunt all cultist at night. hence reason for insomnia. but tis good. then dhaval t shirt. they having powerfull cryptic mesage, even simple 'f#%k you' writen in anshunt script. example - "awesome!". dhaval able to dodge bullet, yezdi, yamaha, jawa, sound wave, bag of puke, question in board exam exetera. do not laugh on reading above text the great one will swalow you whole.

one night dhaval being insomniac was wanting to going to explore the jungle round dhaval's home. but night being dark and dhaval not having light waiting for fool mun. so that one night, the fool mun one, dhaval gotten up and snake out of house. dhaval roamed jungles all night in hoping to watch legions of beast. but beasts know dhaval coming and scared and hiding. in searching dhaval running into litle boy from querila. little boy say he lost. he roams jungle day and night. in fact, last night he stumbling upon a temble in the jungle. the temble was having stachoos of big demon that make litle boy from querila tremble. he tremble so baad that dhaval taking pity on litle boy from querila and took home and give hote kowfee. when litel boy trembling stop dhaval resume interupted quest. soon dhaval grow tired and sitted by a stream to resting.

.. to be continued.


sajith said...

Excellent adventures of Dhingu Dhaval. :-)

why save nilgiris said...

Dhaval ! ; quixotic rendering all this while but will wait for the fool story........