11 February, 2009

The Continuing Story of Dhingu

... continued from my older post Yarn.

soon the sleep over came dhaval and, dhaval's eyes shut. when dhaval wake up all jungle gone. gone. "gone?" you ask. yes, gone. dhaval could'nt explian it. now, how could whole jungle just poof? in it's placing dhaval was middle of desert, with sand and well, sand. now dhaval thinking he in pickle. what he do in desert? but dhaval resuming journey thinking there be different kind of beest in desert. dhaval not thinking about water because dhaval hate washing face. dhaval think it waste of time. soon dhaval meet the desert llama. llama say to dhaval to walk east to go to vilage where there be lotsa beest. dhaval insist he not interested in domestified beasts, he wanna see wild beests. llama scratch his chin where he would have a beard and think for sometime. soon, light in llama head glow and llama say to dhaval to head west, to africa, where wild'beests grew in the thousands. dhaval like the sound of it so headed for nearest vilage. there dhaval mount domestified beest of the desert and make journey to nearest town. there dhaval catch bus (not easy task, but dhaval very great and adept at all things) and head to nearest city. from the nearest city dhaval head to a city far far away and then hop on to sheep (not of desert) to catch the westward wind and sail to africa. dhaval thought it be prudent to read up on the good doctor's writings. dhaval dug into his pack to find book but to his dismay found a copy of dr. zhivago instead. dhaval slap his forehead and tell to himself that next time he not entrust buying book and packing bag to his mother.

... to be continued.


sajith said...

Welcome back, Dhingu!

Varun said...

Lolz. Can't wait to see what dd does next :-)

Tia said...

Momsy should never trust mommies, didn't you see what happened to brenden fraiser when he did??
Zis post being treat worthy!!!