24 November, 2006

Corporate branding pioneers

This morning while I was on the potty, I thought hard about the birth and evolution of corporate branding. Skipping all the thoughts that led to it, I conclude that religion, or rather religious institutions, were the pioneers in corporate branding. The cross, om, swastika, the star of david, the star on the crescent moon, et al are all corporate logos and the whole package (religion, i.e.), is absolutely "nothing" (sure, they promise you that you'll go to heaven and that your next life or re-birth will be "good", but who's come back and ever told us?) that is sold. And they have succeeded in selling people this "nothing" (selling because you pay. Donations, charity to a religious institution, are all a form of payment). So you see, these fellows are not only leaders and experts in corporate branding, they are marketing geniuses. Where does that money go? The Catholic church is the highest land owner in the world. More than the Queen of England. In some of the most expensive and posh areas in the world. Same case here in India... Tirupati... probably the largest stash of mined and processed gold in the world. Think about it, all this religion bullsheit is just a veil over your eyes, the oldest and best dupe in the world.

If you have blind faith, it's like having "flies in your eyes" to borrow from Yossarian. You can never know when you have flies in your eyes because you can't see them because you have flies in your eyes.

Originally written on 13 September, 2005.

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