24 November, 2006

The end of evolution for us humans

Yup, us humans mark the end of evolution for the great apes. To understand this (I'm not claiming to be a scientific researcher but base this on what seem to me undeniable logic. If you have differing views, please comment), one must question why evolution happened in the first place. Evolution was the only way living things could continue to exist in a changing environment on earth. If the climate got colder, most species adapted; others who could not evolve to cope with the new climate perished. Ever since we have developed this supposedly great brain and opposing thumbs, we have been modifying our environment to suit us. Get it? We "evolve" our surroundings instead of evolving ourselves to suit the surroundings. This is where the need for evolution stops. What's the point? This way it is so much easier, faster, and more importantly, under our control. Of course, if our environment changed really fast then we wouldn't have time to adapt it (or adapt to it either) and would perish. Like in the last ice age where the climate changed so quickly that mammoth fossils have been unearthed frozen with food still in their mouth!

Originally written on 7 July, 2005.

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