24 November, 2006

The future of the Camera

No, Mercedes is not taking over. This is just a thought I had last night. It all started with me going to bed thinking about how cameras had evolved from the ones where the shutter was your lens-cap to the 220 view cams to the 35mm rangefinders, the 35 SLRs, now digital. And since now cameras and computers have even fewer differences, what applies to computers, will (or does) apply to cameras. Now, in the field of computing, the greatest achievement we are yet to achieve is intelligence. I dunno when it's going to happen, but when it does, i.e., when computers can actually THINK (does that scare you? or too much Asimov for me?), what will happen to our cameras? Will they too think for us? Already, they do the exposure for us. Will they also compose? "A little to the left... no a bit to your right.... steady now.... you've got really shaky hands.... didn't you bring the tripod? Shall I email our GPS co-ordinates to it"? Now that we have cameras with built-in GPS navigation systems, in the future, one can expect a NASA licensed Xenon-Ion Propulsion System so you don't actually have to hold the camera or even mount it on a tripod. It'll just hover over the EXACT co-ordinates IT wants to, and take the picture.

Now wouldn't that be something?

Originally written on 15 March, 2005.

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Mihir Chhatre said...

I didnt know, you ever existed anywhere else than, "Send an SMS to Dhaval on Yahoo!"...

Now it seems you do come online, and blogging?? now thats what i was not expecting...

anyways, did you read the other blogs also?

where are you nowadays?