24 November, 2006

What are you rebelling against?

When we were kids the sole purpose of life was to revolt against the grownups. They said, "No TV after 9." and you simply HAD to watch until 12.30. They said, "Don't have too many sweets," and you know what? You just HAD to have ONE more. They told us to remove socks the right way and we simply HAD to remove them inside out. But after you're all grown up, they stop telling you to do this or not do that. That's why there's nothing to rebel against and life turns dull and boring. Almost not worth living.

From the movie "The Wild One" (1953) starring Marlon Brando
Girl: What're you rebelling against, Johnny?
Johnny: Whaddya got?

Originally written on 2 May, 2005.

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